Z Score Breakdown

Animal Welfare Score: 63/100

Are animals treated humanely, or does the company avoid using animal-derived materials in its products?

Chemicals Score: 60/100

Does the company utilize chemicals that are potentially harmful to the planet or humans in the process of manufacturing products? If so, is it using and disposing of them responsibly?

Circularity Score: 75/100

Can the product or its materials be re-used or does it become waste? Sustainable design practices to encourage repairability, durability, recyclability, and more can create a circular pathway for the product at the end of its life.

CO2 & Energy Use Score: 87/100

How efficiently is energy used by the company? Is it procured from renewable sources?

Two Days Off says:
In 2019, we committed to being responsible for 100% of our carbon emissions. In 2020, Two Days Off was among the very first class of Climate Neutral Certified brands and one of only a few fashion brands donning the label. This year, 2021, we are incredibly proud to say we have offset our 2021 emission for a second year and set new goals to help lower them overall.

Humanity Score: 62/100

How does the company impact the humans involved in its supply chain? Is it equitable or exploitative? Are there opportunities for advancement through professional training? Does the company benefit society?

Water Use Score: 60/100

How efficiently is water used in the construction of the product and materials used to fabricate it.

Supply Chain & Transparency Score: 67/100

How well does the company understand its supply chain? Does it have agreements stipulating fair treatment and traceability of the components of each product? How transparent are they?