Z Score Breakdown

Animal Welfare Score: 69/100

Are animals treated humanely, or does the company avoid using animal-derived materials in its products?

Laws of Motion says:
Laws of Motion's core collection is 100% vegan. Our values prioritize the wellness and future of the earth and all of earth's inhabitants.

Chemicals Score: 93/100

Does the company utilize chemicals that are potentially harmful to the planet or humans in the process of manufacturing products? If so, is it using and disposing of them responsibly?

Laws of Motion says:
Laws of Motion's values prioritize people, purpose, and planet. Every decision made at Laws of Motion - from product design to delivery - is optimized to align with our values and help leave the world a better place.

Circularity Score: 100/100

Can the product or its materials be re-used or does it become waste? Sustainable design practices to encourage repairability, durability, recyclability, and more can create a circular pathway for the product at the end of its life.

Laws of Motion says:
We're committed to zero waste and zero inventory. Through an innovative combination of modern manufacturing and technology, our garments are digitally cut based on demand and specific size in order to eliminate fabric waste.

CO2 & Energy Use Score: 72/100

How efficiently is energy used by the company? Is it procured from renewable sources?

Laws of Motion says:
The fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon emissions.

At Laws of Motion, our Data Driven Sizing, On Demand Manufacturing, Zero Inventory Model, and Low Return Rates contribute far less to the damning stats regarding CO2 and landfill space.

Humanity Score: 99/100

How does the company impact the humans involved in its supply chain? Is it equitable or exploitative? Are there opportunities for advancement through professional training? Does the company benefit society?

Laws of Motion says:
Laws of Motion exists to empower our customers and communities to be a force at whatever they choose to be. Our vision is to transform the entire industry by enabling other businesses to utilize our lean supply chain and zero waste manufacturing processes.

All products are manufactured in the United States.

Water Use Score: 68/100

How efficiently is water used in the construction of the product and materials used to fabricate it.

Laws of Motion says:
Laws of Motion's core values prioritize our natural resources and global communities. The fashion industry produces 20% of global waste water and Laws of Motion is humbled to lead the charge in utilizing the most energy efficient manufacturing processes on earth.

Supply Chain & Transparency Score: 80/100

How well does the company understand its supply chain? Does it have agreements stipulating fair treatment and traceability of the components of each product? How transparent are they?

Laws of Motion says:
Laws of Motion believes in full transparency of our zero waste supply chain. We prioritize local sourcing and production to minimize emissions and maximize throughput. Our zero waste supply chain has been recognized as an industry-leading standard across the apparel industry.